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…shoemakers for three generations…

Luparense shoe factory was born in 1965 as a small-scale artisanal entity; his founder, Rizzolo Carlo, led his activity under the sign of the high quality, coming to provide his shoes to some of the most prestigious Italian brands.

As the business grew, the artisanal workshop started to be full of leathers and sewing machines and if once the assembly work was run from the houses of the artisans employees of the shoe factory, slowly in the business grew a small department furnished with the most innovative tools and machines.

Today, in that department, we design prototypes for our creations.

The thriving business has passed from father to son for 3 generations till now, the manufacturing has changed and turned towards abroad, but one thing remains always the same: the commitment to the profession which can be resumed in passion and an incessant research to remain always update with the ultimate trends and elegance.


 The 3 generations at the head of Calzaturificio Luparense

Today Luparense shoe factory is led by two sets of brothers: Gianpietro e Alessandro, Massimo e Simone Rizzolo. To follow the demands of the market and to provide always the clients’ needs, today Luparense shoe factory focuses on the manufacturing of medium refined shoes.

Still today our products distinguish themselves for the high quality of heels, raw materials and leather, combined with the high importance of the fitting.

So, from a small-scale artisan entity, today Luparense shoe factory can realize over 4000 pairs of shoes for the summer season and 2500 for the winter one..

I nostri prodotti si contraddistinguono tutt’oggi per tacchi, materie prime e pellami di alta qualità, uniti all’elevata importanza data alla calzabilità (il cosiddetto Fitting).

E così, da piccola realtà aziendale, oggi Calzaturificio Luparense può produrre più di 4000 paia di scarpe per la stagione estiva e 2500 per quella invernale.

We want to illustrate our product…

We use leather only from certified producers, coming from tanneries all around the world but always and only treated in Italy.

The other materials come from Italy and are assembled in differents parts of Europe: every creation of Luparense shoe factory reports specifically the site of the production.

Today we trade all around the world, reselling to the wholesalers that provide stores in Italy and providing products to large foreign chains.

Because of the constant contact abroad, every material of the manufacturing and every product are certified in accordance to the international standards.

Facing and experiencing the international markets, we have settled the perfect combination of aspects that every customer looks in the shoes: attention to the detail, comfort and fitting, combined to the ultimate design.

We have developed a comfort shoe line which, thanks to the handmade stitching, allow us to create a unique product: versatile, characterized by quality and comfortable for everyday life.

The making of our creations…

The manufacturing follows two seasonalities: six months of production for the summer season in which are created sandals and open-toed shoes and six months of winter production, dedicated to boots and calf-length boots.

The first step is to find out what are the desires of the customers, the trends of the year and the market needs.

Thereafter starts the research: new types of heels, leather, models and raw materials are chosen following the Luparense factory shoe’s taste through the participation at various trade fairs. We do it because who choose to buy from us finds always the product that was looking for, characterized by our brand line.

Comparing the two previous researches results, starts the outline phase in which the projects are assigned to different Italian designers. We also rely on various modelers because each one of them is specialized on a different typology of shoe.

Lastly starts the production: after the selection of the best models and made the appropriate changes, the prototypes are prepared and this work continues till perfection when, looking at our creations, we can affirm we are fully satisfied of them.

With our brand we take part at the footwear exhibition of Riva del Garda and theMICAM of Milano.

Despite of our production is now oriented to the international markets, we don’t renounce at the contact with the costumer that allows us to confront with different styles and opinions: that’s why, combined with our activity, we manage an outlet in Italy and other stores in Est Europe.

“There are many good artisans which are able to do a good work, but what distinguish us from the competitors it’s the service: the support and the availability during the sale and also the recognition of our own mistakes which, working with craftsmanship and artisanal raw materials, happened. For us it’s a pride to do always the things at our best and fix mistakes that we’ll be used in the future experiences”


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There are many good artisans which are able to do a good work, but what distinguish us from the competitors it’s the service.
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